Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Island of Yell

What a fabulous day today!! While Shetland has been lovely, the Islands of Yell and Unst were just the best. Remote and beautiful. Yell is moorland. Miles and miles of peat moorland. This picture gives you a feel for the moors and also shows how peat is harvested and stacked by the locals to dry for heating their homes. Click on the photo to enlarge it so you can see the stacked peat better. Look at that deep rich chocolate color! I've never seen soil this color. While on Yell we visited a peerie museum for a morning cup of coffee and a lovely cake baked by the woman working there. This museum wasn't like any museum I've ever seen! The Old Haa Museum promotes the heritage and crafts of the island. The building dates back to 1637. It had a nice peerie gift shop and a really nice garden. While at the museum I strolled down the lane a bit and clicked this photo. Be sure to click on it to enlarge it because I feel it really is lovely. We also went to Sellafirth's cultural weaving gallery. OMG!!!! What we saw there. It's a cultural, music, and weaving gallery/workshop/research facility. Look how remote! Something that stood out to me was how one of the extremely talented weavers works. She is inspired by nature. (love her already!) so she photographs things she sees that she likes the colors of. Then she designs colorways based on those colors. Applying her training in native Scottish cultures she designs the patten to weave. This may be a commom way for fiber artists to operate but it was new to me and completely inspirational. I already have a plan to get cameras into my students' hands, get them outside looking for colors, and then follow up with yarn and poetry writing. I'll post a few pics of her ideas so you can see what I mean. The bottom pic of the reddish photo on the left is a small, old, red boat. The colorway it inspired is above it. The floral photos on the right inspired the colorway demonstrated by the yarn pattern to its left. After leaving the weaving studio we hopped on a small second ferry to the Island of Unst.

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