Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fiber Fun on Orkney

Yesterday was a mix of many different activities including doing laundry. But the most fun was meandering out to the countryside and finding a fiber studio/home. She had lovely fiber from the seaweed eating sheep we visited yesterday but some of her fleece and yarns were dyed and hand painted. Plus she had so much more. Some fun pictures from our visit. This is the view from their driveway with the North Atlantic in the background! This is our walk up to the workshop A basket of beautifully dyed North Ronaldsay wool. The sheep of North Ronaldsay and their natural dehaired fiber. In foreground is some that is colored. Lesley got some of this for us to spin and sprinkle throughout the vest we are each going to spin and knit. Another view. Wind turbines are all over the islands. I like to see them. They signify a responsible shift away from fossil fuels and show it can and is being done quite successfully. Flowers and stone wall

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