Friday, July 5, 2013

All About Weaving

While today may have been all about historic Scotish weaving it was all about Scotih talking for me! Everywhere we went I marveled at the beauty rolling off these generous people's tongues. We spent most of our day in the good sized town of Paisley. I had no idea there was a place with that name. And then to find out they are known for paisley shawls! Who knew? While looking at the looms a woman pointed out the MP3 player of the day. Can you find it in the photo below? We had "tea" for lunch and then explored their antique looms in what was then (a long time ago) a vibrant cottage industry. Lovely little garden was there and I guess this is considered a Scottish Buddha. From there we walked up the hill to the Paisley Museum. To be honest I totally enjoyed the Alexander Wilson exhibit, Father of American ornithology. His paintings had a simplistic beauty to them. Reminded me of how I feel when looking at Grandma Moses's paintings. Although his had much more detail. Here's a favorite made into a poster I wish I could get my hands on: The final weaving cottage had a bunch of antique curling stones that were used for weaving weights! Will close this evening with a photo of the lovely dyers garden. Cheers! Mary and Lesley PS- Tomorrow we're off to the north to the Scottish Highlands. Hope we see this critter....