Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Island of Unst

I love to say, "Unst!" We took a small ferry over from Yell to Unst. It took about 10 minutes. I knew this island was going o be unique when we saw this cafe after leaving the small ferry. An unusual cafe to say the least. And an unusual and fun xylophone I want one in our school playground. I wonder what Maine shaped item we could find! My absolute favorite of Unst today was visiting the Unit Bus Shelter. I have read about this and was really anticipating seeing it. I was thrilled that we stopped and spent a little time there. Here is the Unst Bus Shelter webpage (yes they have a webpage and a resident hamster!) Here's the shelter. This year's theme?? Sheep of course! Here I am thoroughly enjoying my visit. Here are some sheepy items gracing this lovely place. Baahaaaa. Notice the needle work on the hand made pillow! I have to say that I loved it on Unst! I will go back and stay for a good while. Another highlight was meeting a young school girl weaving at a Viking archeological recreation site. We talked about her weaving that was on a simple Viking loom called a Lucet. She let me take her picture so I can email it to her. She was kind enough to teach me how to do this weaving so I can teach my kids at school. We decided that her younger sister's class and my class will exchange Lucet friendship bracelets! How cool is this? Why didn't I get my photo with her?! Ugh! Here's her Lucet: She proudly bragged that her dad made the lucets himself. Here's some info on lucets. You can YouTube it to see a video demo as well. While at the small and unique Unst Heritage Center I saw and enjoyed this "knittin exhibit by da peerie knittin cloob", another inspirational idea. As you can see I totally enjoyed my day. I'll close with a photo of some tatting Lesley is doing And a photo of my first Fair Isle knitting Cheers! Mary


  1. What fun! I did lucet with Trevor's class in the 5th grade...recently found the 30 ft lucet he made while cleaning the attic...going to use it on the Christmas tree next year. You look so happy..glad! I will be happy tomorrow...going to the beach!

  2. You're the one who first showed me this. I now have 1/2 dozen lucets to bring back to school. So glad you found Trevor's. how fun! Enjoy the beach!! I plan to swim tomorrow. Swim in the chilly North Sea! Lesley said she'll take a pic. (Not sure I'll post that!)

  3. Nice talking to you! Just like you we're here with us!