Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Scottish Yarn - Shetland, A Year Later

What a special treat to hear this story on the radio, A Scottish Yarn: A Knit In Time Saves The Fabric Of Shetland Life, while I sit recovering from several days of intense heat. With a huge thunder storm approaching and the radio warning us of the possibility of flooding I heard this story. To say that I enjoyed this story is an understatement! A year ago I was so lucky because I got to go to Scotland's Shetland Islands as well as some of the outer western islands. While the western islands were just gorgeous it was Shetland that really spoke to me. As I listened to this story in total surprise and delight I visualized the places they mentioned, the sheep, the Island of Unst, the lace, the baron hills, as well as watching these amazing women knit and spin what I feel is the most wonderful wool on Earth. Here's a link to the story: Hopefully the audio will be available to listen to as hearing the lovely Shetland dialect is just wonderful. I hope you enjoy! I sure did! Mary

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Knit Hats for Babies to Raise Awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome

A fellow knitter posted this information: "Click for Babies is a national organization represented, in Maine, through the Maine Children's Trust and the Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Councils. Knitters are asked to create baby hats to be distributed by local hospitals to new parents, with information about shaken baby syndrome and how to prevent it. The hats should be soft and comfortable and at least 50% purple to symbolize "PURPLE," the mnemonic referring to early childhood crying: Peak of crying Unexpected Resists soothing Pained face (though there may be no pain) Long-lasting and Evening The program was developed by the National Center for Shaken Baby Syndrome to raise awareness about this serious issue. There is lots more information, including links to some cute hat patterns, at Collection time is September. Broadreach in Belfast is a collecting agency."