Monday, November 11, 2013

Kate Davies Sheepheid Tam

Blackfaced sheep of Shetland Isles are really something to be seen. I fell in love with them as well as that lovely place Shetland. Now as I sit by my wood stove back in the states I'm knitting the coveted Kate Davies sheep tam that I purchased. And I must say, what fun it is! The yarn is the to die for Jamison & Smith Jumper weight Shetland yarn. Jumper means sweater to Americans. I bought the tam and blanket kit while in Lerwick, Shetland Scotland. So as I knit I'm transported back to that wild and vastly open place. This is my first "real" colorwork knitting. Sure I've done other pieces before but this is the real McCoy. Here's my progress so far: You can see the sheeps' legs and body taking form. As that was happening I noticed that I accidentally knitted one sheep with 3 legs! I debated ripping it out and then decided to embrace the Navajo tradition of always working in a mistake as they do with their woven blankets. Reminds us and humbles us to the fact that we are human and thus not perfect. So a three legged sheep the tam will have. Another funny decision I've been toying with is the color of the sheeps' faces. The pattern calls for knitting white faces. But most of the sheep we saw in Shetland were blackfaced sheep. When I opened my computer this morning the sheepie photo above was staring at me. Another decision made. One blackfaced sheep the tam will have. I must say that this is a lot of fun so I'm called back to my tam and my blackfaced sheep. Enjoy your day and I hope you are able to find time to include some fiber work in your day, Mary

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