Friday, August 16, 2013

Knitting Gunnister Man's Bag

The knitting has begun and stopped. (I ran out of spun yarn and fleece. I am waiting for more of the colors I have to become available from North Ronaldsay). And what a tricky beginning it was! You can see the crocheted chain loops. These were done every 7 stitches. I am assuming the final chain will go through these loops to act as a pull closure. The pattern called for a knit cast on which sounded very much like cable cast on so that's what I did. Every 7th stitch was pulled through and a 10 stitch crochet chain was added. Then put back on needled to knit 7 more and add chain. This continued until 105 stitches and 15 chain loops were in place. This was very new to me and I am hoping I did it right. I'm working on size 2 dpt needles. I really don't know why circular needles couldn't be used for this. If I was home where I could grab a circular needle I would. But for now I'm at the lake and I'm following the directions which says to use dpt (double pointed) needles. There must be a reason. I hope. This pattern comes from the summer '06 Spin Off magazine. Here's what the finished bag should look like although rather than a dark brown stripe I'll have a pink stripe like the original bag had. This is fun so far. Mary


  1. It is coming along nicely, Mary. Your colors are lovely. I did not know about the pink until I was reading through your previous post again.

    Guess your summer vacation is coming to an end, but know you will have lots to share with your students in the coming school year.

  2. Hi Nancy! Yes summer is coming to an end and I ran out of the grey/tan fleece! Just contacted North Ronaldsay for more. Jamison and Smith are out. Go figure! Hope you are doing well and enjoying nice Shetland memories. Mary