Sunday, March 6, 2011

Maine Shepherdess Scarf

The Maine Shepherdess Scarf from Romney Ridge Farm!

We all need a Maine Shepherdess Scarf!! I just had to post this link for you all. If you don't know Romeny Ridge Farm in Maine you must visit her site!!! LOVE it!

Here's the link to download the pattern:

And here's a link to her farm site/yarn store: "Beautiful Yarns from Beautiful Sheep"

That's it for today. Off to gather maple sap and begin boiling sap for syrup! Spring is here! I do love boiling days because I sit and boil and knit. I'm still working on the gloves I posted earlier. I'm on the pinky. I'll up load another photo when I've got a few fingers done. It's really fun!

Happy fiber play!


  1. I'm making this one and it may be my first dyeing project. So much spinning and knitting, so little time. When am I going to water the plants and balance the accounts?

  2. OK feetupandknit....I was wondering who this was then I noticed the socks and the ocean scene!! hahahah :)